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A Conversation with our Ambassadors

Defeat the Streets team was pleased to talk to our Ambassadors about their thoughts on philanthropy.

Here's what they had to say:

What are your thoughts about philanthropy?

Alex: "To start, it's a good idea not to complicate aware, participate, be part of the solution. Everyone can do it."

Jack: "It is important to spread awareness about philanthropic initiatives among students in schools and start the conversation there."

Om: "When talking about philanthropy, it is important to be exposed to different cultures and ways of life. I have had the chance to go to India every year and see how some people live. Some people who live there are barely even clothed and are completely destitute. Having that kind of exposure and seeing the way some people live makes me want to do something to help those around me."

Elijah: "I think it's important to start at the root of the problem and determine what is causing those issues. I live in the Bronx and there are a lot of problems there. I think if we look into the deeper root of those issues and fix what is causing those problems in the first place, there may not be as much crime."

Tyler: "I recommend making philanthropy part of the conversation in school and making it an activity among friends."

What should philanthropists focus on the most?

Our Ambassadors unanimously agreed: world hunger is one of the most important initiatives.

Do you know anyone in your life who is charitable?

Alex: "By attending many DTS events I better understand now how many charitable causes there are in this world and in NYC. The DTS team is my role model. When I heard the speakers from Covenant House and Harlem United at the events and their personal stories and the challenges they overcame I can see how DTS is making a difference."

Om: "My father came to the United States from India with nothing, but worked incredibly hard to build a better life for me and my family. He is an extremely successful businessman and has bought and sold several companies over the years. He understands what it is like to have nothing and what it is like to have everything. As a result of his poor upbringing, if he ever sees anyone in need, he never hesitates to help them. He always looks out for those around him. My dad is an inspiration and a powerful role model to me. That to me is the true embodiment of philanthropy."

Tyler: "My mom is one of the most philanthropic people I know. She always puts others before her and goes above and beyond to help the people around her - always putting herself last."

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