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Nominations for the Incredible Award are now open and we welcome all submissions!

What is the Incredible Award?


The Incredible Award was Defeat the Streets very first organizational mission. It was our way of recognizing the impactful contributions of one selected NYC focused not-for-profit organization at a time and providing them our focused attention and financial support.  

One key factor in Defeat the Streets Incredible selection process is understanding the alignment of the funds we raise. Each nominated non-profit must explicitly define their intended use of the contribution funds and this information is one of several major criteria evaluated by our Incredible Committee in their final selection process. It is important to Defeat the Streets that we see the funds we raise used in a way that makes the most powerful impact on the people and their communities in NYC. 

Defeat the Streets works very hard on behalf of our Incredible recipient!  Not only do we raise funds, we seek to spread awareness for the selected non-profit through outreach events, social media, and various other mediums. 



What are the other criteria for being selected for an Incredible Award?   


Beyond the importance of the use of funds which must be defined in advance and the organization contribution has a meaningful difference in NYC communities, Defeat the Streets requires:

  • Individual/Organization reside in New York City

  • Establish for more than 3 years

  • Service directly impact NYC resident

  • Recognition as a 501©(3) by the IRS

  • Not affiliated to any religious or political organization

Who are past recipients of the Incredible Award?

Defeat the Streets Incredible Award Program Committee has overseen the appointment of two Incredible Recipients two date. Defeat the Streets is proud of their hard work raising over $250,000 on behalf of these worthy non-profits.

Covenant House, a non-profit dedicated to providing food, shelter and immediate crisis care to homeless youth.  Our funds of $75,864 have been aligned to canvassing low-income sections of NYC and providing food, toiletries and school ready back packs to just under 300 homeless and at-risk youth.

Harlem United an organization who serves marginalized communities to improve their health and well-being through compassionate, client-centered care. Our generous support raised $138,192 to help expand Harlem's workforce development program, advance their dental care unit and provide hot meals for the homeless.



Can I nominate a non-profit organization for the Incredible Award?

Yes, you can! The next Nomination Period for the Incredible Award will be published via our email list and accessible on our website.  Please stay tuned for more information.  To submit a non-profit for consideration, please reach out to




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