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Countless individuals throughout New York City extend extraordinary and selfless acts on behalf of others every day, oftentimes going unrecognized for their support. NYC Superheroes stems from Defeat the Streets’ desire to honor individuals who help those in need, putting a spot light on their good deeds and offering them the recognition they deserve. Through the year we will showcase individuals who devote their time and energy on behalf of others and whose contributions produce powerful results, awarding them with the Defeat the Streets Cape in honor of their heroic contributions, and pampering them with a dinner gift certificate. We look forward to watching our league of Superheroes grow over time!

Learn more about our Superheros stories.


Volunteerism is one of Defeat the Streets three main core missions and a fundamental element of our civic betterment program. Volunteerism is an important focus for us because we believe in the tangible, visible impact we can have by landing boots on the ground to help make change using our own hands and our own personal time. We have a strong desire to see first-hand what is going on out there in our city and we want to maintain empathy and focus on the needs of our city.

Defeat the Streets is honored to be partnered with Gallagher Benefit Services in a collaborative NYC Volunteerism initiative. Gallagher is a benefits services organization with many NYC non-profit clients and, together, Gallagher holds a mutual alignment with our mission to provide resources and make a positive and tangible impact on our community.

If you are interested in lending a hand or obtaining more information about our Volunteer Initiatives please contact Maria Lappas at or (201) 497-5938.  


The Incredible Award was Defeat the Streets very first organizational mission. It was our way of recognizing the impactful contributions of one selected NYC focused not-for-profit organization at a time and providing them our focused attention and financial support.  

One key factor in Defeat the Streets Incredible selection process is understanding the alignment of the funds we raise. Each nominated non-profit must explicitly define their intended use of the contribution funds and this information is one of several major criteria evaluated by our Incredible Committee in their final selection process. It is important to Defeat the Streets that we see the funds we raise used in a way that makes the most powerful impact on the people and their communities in NYC. 

Defeat the Streets works very hard on behalf of our Incredible recipient!  Not only do we raise funds, we seek to spread awareness for the selected non-profit through outreach events, social media, and various other mediums. 

Defeat the Streets is pleased to have secured over $250,000 in funds to date for our Incredible Award recipients. 

Learn more about Incredible Award Program. 


The Defeat the Streets team believes that each and every one of us can make a difference in our world. Defeat the Streets Cares program is our way of putting this concept into action. Each of our team members will dedicate their time by offering a simple gesture of kindness to make a moment in someone’s life a little bit brighter. This program is not about magnitude or grandeur; it’s about a heartfelt gesture from one person to another. We hope by putting this simple and beautiful idea into motion, we can build a powerful movement throughout our city.

If you are interested in learning more about DTS Cares, please contact Johnny Agnello at or at (970) 987-2822.


Defeat the Streets has a vision to be a philanthropic focused organization who creates Leaders of Action on behalf of our community. We believe that the newest warriors of positive change in our world will be our youth. This sentiment sparked a passion project for our Founder, Deborah Tomasi, and thus our Youth Ambassador program was borne.  Defeat the Streets is excited to mentor engaged high school students and take them under our wing so they may participate in our volunteer efforts for school community service credits.

Our children help society to flourish and young volunteers have the ability to make an immeasurable impact on the well-being and strength of our communities.  By engaging young people to participate as community Ambassadors, we start them down a path of growing awareness, building maturity, broadening their perspectives and honing their leadership and advocacy skills. They feel empowered by effecting positive change in their communities. By participating in our future volunteerism opportunities, they build character.

On Sunday, October 6th, 2019, Defeat the Streets team was pleased to sit down and have a round-table discussion with our young Ambassadors, all of which are juniors in high school. The conversation focused on the concept of philanthropy - what it means to be philanthropic, how we can exercise philanthropy in our daily lives, and philanthropic individuals who have influenced us over the years. 


Each Ambassador had powerful insights into the concept of philanthropy and offered remarkable ideas on how we can better our community. We view our young Ambassadors as warriors of change and we believe they will propel positive community growth well into the future. Conversations such as these help drive that impact. 


We couldn't be more proud of our Ambassadors! If you are interested in learning more about our Defeat the Streets Ambassador program, please email



My favorite super hero is Batman because he doesn't have a super power. He uses his skill and knowledge to defeat enemy. 



My favorite super hero is Iron Man because he knows what he is doing to stop the situation and he is smart.





My favorite super hero is Spider-Man. His selflessness and strength is quite inspiring.

My favorite super hero is Batman because he cares for his people and is determined to protect his city.

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