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Champion our communities to tap their inner philanthropist by aligning resources, programs, and financial support to effect positive change.


Create leaders to combat adversity and negative forces and help nurture the heart and soul of our communities.

Superhero Jonathan Santos-Ramos

Jonathan photo.jpg

Without knowing it, Jonathan Santos-Ramos was carving out his niche in life starting as far back as High School. While teenagers were making adolescent decisions and creating a self-absorbed existence, Jonathan was already giving back to his community and the global stage, unwittingly. Making him an innate superhero. While in High School, he started volunteering one summer as a peer outreach worker doing health education and HIV counseling and testing that became a passion. Jonathan continued this work all through his undergrad years that lead him to Callen-Lorde by the end of his undergrad career.

Learn more about our Superhero story.

A shout out to our generous Sponsors!  Defeat the Streets knows that it really does 'take a village' to make an impact on our great city and we are most appreciative of Our Supporters.

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